MADRE welcomes you to slow down, sit down, and truly enjoy your food. We would be honored to grace your table with our 100% linen tablecloths.

In 2021 we fell hard for gingham, and just had to produce a collection with some of the gorgeous linens we've come across. 

Our Picnic Collection tabelcloths are available in two sizes: square (56"x56") and oblong (56”x110”). We also offer our Picnic Collection as medium napkins, and in our mixed set FRUIT SALAD.

These picnic colorways can play with your eyes a bit, here's more detail about each color:

Maracuyá (passionfruit) is a sweet 1/2"check of ochre and pale dusty pink.

Mango (mango) is the same ochre and size of check, but on a white background.

Fresa (strawberry) is a tinier, 1/4" check of a strawberry pink with a white background.

Sandía (watermelon) is the same tiny 1/4" check in an orange-y, MADRE red with a very pale blue background.

MADRE’s linen is grown in Belgium, and produced in Lithuania. Woven in a mill that runs on green energy, it is also Oeko-Tex certified. Our napkins are designed and sewn in our hometown of Portland, OR.

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