Friends and customers are always asking how best to wash and care for MADRE linens, so here’s our tried and true method. We’ve designed our linen napkins and other home goods with everyday life in mind, with a goal of making the everyday more beautiful. So go ahead and get them dirty! Here’s how we like to wash our linens:



First, spot treat as necessary. (We use Biokleen’s Bac-Out for spot treatment.)  We’ve found that even turmeric can be removed if you get to it fast enough! (Hot water also helps.)



Next, wash MADRE linens separately in warm water with mild eco-friendly detergent. (We like Dropps for their commitment to reducing plastic waste. We also like to add Dropps' "oxi booster pods" as a brightener.)



For napkins and tea towels, shake them out well, then dry on high heat and remove promptly from dryer. Duvet covers, pillowcases, and other linens can be transferred from washer to dryer without shaking.

Fold your linens however you like, and reuse again and again!



Personally we love how linen rumples, but understand sometimes you’re going for a more precise look. We've found that the best way to smooth wrinkles is to steam out your linens. We recommend Jiffy steamers; we use a professional model but their home models work well too. Should you happy to enjoy ironing, please iron your MADRE napkins with a cloth (linen or cotton) between your napkin and your iron. MADRE's rolled hems are made with a polyester thread that can melt under high heat. 

That said, if you notice any fraying at your linens' corners, using a little heat (a lighter works well) can help you reseal the threads.

. . .

PLANT-DYED CARE (Indigo, Marigold, Cochinilla)

Plant dyed goodies need to be treated with some extra TLC. To keep your linens’ color rich, and to not impact other items in the same load, please wash in cold water with similar colors. Always use a gentle, PH neutral soap. We recommend ECOS or Dropps brands.

Line drying will keep the color true the longest, but sunlight can fade plant dyes as well, so we recommend either machine dry on a low temperature or choose a shady outdoor spot for plant dyed linen drying.