RIBBONS | Drink Fascinators

It’s no secret that we at MADRE are fans of ribbons, garlands and fascinators — such lovely little details to tie on and around! So when the inspiration struck to use our offcut scraps for ribbons, we ran with it!

No one likes to mix up their drinks at a fiesta, so this is MADRE's take on a drink marker. A perfect bow to adorn your stemmed glass beverages. Sold in a set of six 24" ribbon ties. While drink fascinators are our intention, we encourage you to dream up other uses for these ribbons; there are truly endless uses for these elegant strips of linen edged in our favorite orangey red! 

This set contains 6 ribbons, one in each of the following colorways: crimini, oyster, burnt sienna, leche, maíz + avocado. 

¡PUT A BOW ON IT! And please share with us how you style them! #everydaymadre

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