Here at MADRE we try to reduce our plastic use whenever possible. We love the bulk bins at the grocery store, but for years struggled to find a solution to how best to get our bulk goods home to our jars. We tried bringing the jars with us, but a) often forgot them and b) they are so noisy and delicate! Enter the MADRE solution: BULK BAGS. 

We've talked about these for ages, and now they're here! Bulk bags made of 100% linen with sturdy velcro closures and a vinyl tab to capture bin numbers. They come in two sizes: a pint and a quart, made to perfectly fill your jars at home. They fit easily in your reusable bags, you can machine wash them no problem, and you can fill them with anything! Even flour and sugar!

Happy bin shopping!


Washing notes: 

Turn your bulk bags inside out and secure velcro closure to avoid snagging on other laundry. Wash on warm with an eco friendly detergent. Tumble or air dry. Turn right side out. Use again and again and again. 

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