7pm to 9pm, Meditation, Soundbath, Decompression

This offering includes a guided meditation followed by an hour of sound bathing to emphasize stress reduction and grounding us into the body. The sound bath incorporates crystal singing bowls, chimes and other healing instruments utilizing the solfeggio frequencies, as well as a planetary Schumann resonance gong to connect us to the earth’s electromagnetic field. All efforts aid in offering the body a break from stress, increased spiritual body awareness, relaxation and a better nights sleep. Sound vibration can subtly fine tune our body’s energy field and stimulate its natural capacity to heal and soothe.

We recommend wearing comfortable clothing and bring any props that will support your comfort and experience (a yoga mat, blankets, pillows/bolsters, yoga blocks, and/or eye mask. tea and water are available on site). 

Allison, started Moon Nectar Apothecary in 2015 creating healing products that utilize crystals, herbal remedies, solfeggio frequencies, and color essence. She has been studying color, light therapy and sound as a way of realigning and fine tuning the body’s energy field and innate capacity to heal while acknowledging the mind-body connection and deeper layers of the internal psyche and spirit.  She is the creator of the Color Vision Oracle deck and currently works as a oracle reader and light/ sound therapist working one on one with clients to open untapped channels within and remove blocks in our energy to stimulate our body’s chakra system.

This offering is sliding scale contribution of $30-$40


Unit price per