Quilt No. 2 | Cat Bui

Cat Bui works as a web designer in Portland, OR. She loves quilting for its meditative and relaxing nature, and cherishes it as an outlet where she gets to both work with her hands and create tactile art. Outside of design and crafts, Cat cares deeply for our environment and sustainability. She is grateful to be included in this project with other talented quilters to help MADRE reduce their excess linen.

This quilt is a departure from Cat's previous designs where she usually draws the designs to preview, and then measures and cuts to exact dimensions. For this quilt, Cat "improv quilted" as she pieced them together; going with the flow to cut and arrange the pieces.

Quilted by Michelle Berman, bound by Lindsay Oldani in Portland, OR.

Quilt measures: 49.5" x 66"

Materials: 100% linen front, back, binding. 100% organic cotton batting. 

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