move / nourish series with Allison + Mahsa

move / nourish series with Allison + Mahsa

move / nourish series with Allison + Mahsa

move / nourish is a place to let yourself be free while rooted in your power. A space where you are semi-led through exercises and dance but encouraged to push your limits, feel yourself, and get lost in the music.

The class is followed by a very deserving meal. Seasonal, mindful, and quality foods are spread out and self served for us to gather and share. The intent behind this is to give you a break from the daily routine of life and allow us to nourish you.  
Come alone, with a friend, or a crowd, as long as it’s with an appetite for all feel good things. 

  • Wear something comfortable that feels good and you can move in.
  • Our menu is garden centric with fresh and whole foods, dairy free and gluten free options.
  • The chai served at our event is caffeine and sugar free and is available for purchase.

Allison Jacks is a Latina artist that creates multi-sensory experiences. She is a movement educator and food enthusiast. She uses food as a medium, adapting to elements and environments in order to transform the meaning of a shared meal.

Mahsa Darabi is passionate about discovering, creating, and sharing greater ease, pleasure, and nourishment in and out of the kitchen. For Mahsa, The Moody Persian is about community, making authentic connections where people’s whole selves feel at home.



6:30 to 8:30pm