Sand/Tea Rose

You can rent MADRE napkins! We have a selection of napkins available to support your events and gatherings of all kinds. MADRE rental napkins are offered by color and size. 

For more details regarding our rental policies, please visit our How to Rent page.

Sand/tea rose rental napkins are offered in MADRE's small size, measuring 11”x11”, as well as a unique medium size, 17"x15.5".

The small size is perfect for breakfast or picnics, we also love to use these as cocktail napkins or as part of a layered place setting. We have 14 small sand/tea rose rental napkins available. 

The medium napkins are beautiful workhorses that add just the right amount of statement to your table. We have 14 medium sand/tea rose napkins available to rent.

MADRE’s napkins are designed and sewn in our hometown of Portland, OR.

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